Hottest News Ever - We're off to the Stars

Yes. Ever. Since mankind began. It turns everything upside down, it has been mankind's dream since we first looked up at the stars.

Today I learnt three things. Two are personal and I love them both, the third, well, I do not understand why it has not been headlines worldwide. Sorry Syria, you are boring.

New Scientist reports that NASA are working on a 'warp drive'. Yep, what Captain Kirk uses to power the USS Enterprise. The research is led by Harold 'Sonny' White and he plans to start experiments very soon. It will exploit a loophole in Einstein's law of General Relativity.

So, if they are right, we will be able to

  • Travel to Mars in 5 minutes
  • Go to Alpha Centauri and come back in one year
  • Send probes to the centre of the galaxy to check out all that dark matter
  • Find a nice planet to stick all the bad guys on where they can live unhappily ever after

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