Jacobs farm photo albums: 1955 -1959

Happy Easter and here is the 1955 -1959 Jacobs farm photo album by Granny. Two particular photos stand out. Both taken at Hurst House where we almost grew up. There are lots more which I hope will make you smile and marvel. Click here to see them all.
Peter is the budgie. Better view if you follow the link.

People: Family

Granny, Grandpa, Robert, Trevor, George, Simon, David
Cally, Herbert Seitz (including wedding)
Barbar, Linda, Emma Gibbs
Lady Dot, Sir Jack, RuvĂ©  Keeling
John Keeling DFC
Mary Grayson, John Blakseley (who were to be married)
Aunty Alice
Cherry, Serena, Alexandra, Howard Palmer
Brian, Biddy, Sarah, Patrick Keeling
Philip, Loveday Hudson
Dawes the butler, Joe the under butler, Nanny (or more)

Other people

Katy Stendall, Anne & Fred Sindern, Fasther Walsh, the Wheeler Bennetts, Dodo Stockly, Penny Walcot, Francis Eddis, Justin de Blank, Guisha Cantacuzene, Clio BurkeTony Hanbury-Williams marrying Dinah Hartley, Teresa Follett, William Bell, Anne Abel Smith, Nat Fines, Belinda Bell, Judy Barber.


Dolphins, Shipton Lodge, Weissfluhjoch Davos, Hurst House, Madeira, TSS New York, Monte Carlo, Vesuvius, Meta di Sorrento, Warwick Castle, Goodwood, Cannes, Grindelwald, Silverhorn, Wengen, Dunston Wood.

Issie and JJ get married 13 April 2019

And there will be no peace after the champagne tea. At 6pm there will be a Keeling feast at The Phoenix, Victoria organised by Van and Ruth.

Illicit photos were taken
Issie and JJ exit, married

Jim and Emma speak

From Joshua to Jim at the champagne tea 
Group photo
Paul got overexcited at the dinner afterwards, here seen groping Ted who is very patient.