Jacobs farm photo albums: 1978 -1985 JBK

Young Ruth and Vogue model Barbar
Granny's photo album from 1978 -1985 featuring:
Great granny and grandpa Dot and Jack Keeling
Great granny Barbar Gibbs
Great aunt Ruve Finucane
Granny, Jenny and Grandpa Mike Keeling
Johnny, Jocelyn, John, Bill Keeling, Mark Crean
Bri, Patrick Keeling
Cally Seitz
Philip, Loveday Hudson
Cherry Palmer
Howard, John, Laura, Catherine Palmer
Rob, Trev, George, Simon, David, Tom, Jim, Paul Keeling
Ruth, Trevor jr Keeling
Alice Keeling
Camilla, Poppy Keeling

Stan, Sonia, Carrie, Stephanie Hardy
Jane, Alice, David Gardner-Hill
Francis, Jamie, Chris, Sammy Eddis
Pat, Thyrza, Sabina, Helena Gaynor
Emma, Anne Woodward-Fisher
Joan, Eric Thatcher
Heather, John, Sarah, Tim, William, Jeremy Fooks
Ken, Theresa Peckham
Jim Winterschladen, Joe Perrins, Paul Ronicle, George Rutter, Lynne Bullock, Giles Rowe, Emma Fox, Charlie Beckford, Percy Jones
Dangerous sports club: David Kirke, Simon Keeling, Timothy Hunt, Alan Weston, Jane Wilmot, Peter Carew, Christopher Baker at Clifton suspension bridge and Golden Gate bridge

Places: Jacobs, Dolphins, Hurst, Newcastle, Meribel, Courchevel, Boundaries Road,
Animals: Tabitha, Miss Moppet, Ginger
Weddings: George and Carolyn, Rob and Jo, Simon and Sarah, Trevor and Jacquie

Raffy Jack Keeling Crompton


Welcome to Raffy who was born to Kate on Tuesday 28th March. Here seen with admiring father Will and brothers Jasper and Monty.