Jacobs farm photo albums - Baby book 1929 to 1935

About 8 days old
There are over 25 photo albums, mostly by Granny, spanning 83 years from 1929 when she was born to 2011. I and my assistants have photographed them, one page at a time (not each individual picture) and will slowly publish the results here.

The first one is her baby book from 1929 to 1935. It features her, Arthur Gibbs her father, Barbar Gibbs her mother, various nurses, Cherry Palmer her sister, Loveday Hudson her oldest sister, David her brother, other children called Rosalind, Gilian, Katie, Olivia and Joanna, and finally uncle Colin and Mrs Bathurst.

Click here to see all eight pages.

Bye for now!


PS I labelled all the albums that I photo'd. If you find one that you think should be added, photograph it, label it and tell me.