How we nearly killed Tom

Having racked their brains how to amuse 6 pre/post pubescent public school teenagers, Granny and Grampa took us on a canal cruise on the Canal du Midi in the South of France. They had one boat, Barbar (Granny's mother) and Emma and Fanny (girl cousins) had another boat. The third and biggest boat was taken by Robert, Trevor, George, Simon, David and Tom. Tom was about 7. Jim and Paul were deemed too young and left in the care of nannies (or whatever) in London.

The scene is set. The boys boat was a pigsty. I remember cowering on my bunk to keep away from the mess in the galley. Granny sensibly refused to come on board. Trevor cunningly volunteered himself as boat cook so he didn't have to do any washing up, which was never done anyway. Canal cruises are quite boring. You proceed at a slow walking pace thrugh an endless vista of fields and trees. What could six boys do for fun? Water skiing seemed like a good idea. But there were no skis. The nexxt best thing was towing somebody behind the boat in the life saving ring. We tied a rope to it and elected Tom, as the youngest, to test it. We gathered at the back of the boat an Tom bravely jumped off in the life saving ring. I remember the rope unravelling on the water surface. Suddenly it became taut and Tom was dragged through the water with a terrific wake. His legs dragged back, the life ring tilted down and aqua planed underwater. Tom had disappeared. We could only see the taut rope disappearing into the water. Presumably he was being dragged along the bottom ot the canal.

Gulp. Gulp. Not a good look.

I dived into the water  to try to recover Tom from the bottom. The barge and Tom (still submerged) rapidly passed  me and I was left floundering. Luckily Simon had more sense. He calmly walked to the front of the barge and turned the engine off. Tom bobbed to the surface. Undamaged.
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Lizzie and friends come to Berlin

Lizzie with her fireman boyfriend James came to Berlin last weekend. They were accompanied by Kemi, Tricia, Sarah, Tarik and Greg. I met them in a restaurant in Friedrichshain near their hotel.  After that we went on to Tresor ( Tresor has recently re-opened in a new location and Alexander and I wanted to test it. The location is fantastic. Serious industrial concrete. But its full of chavs, as Lizzie observed when we first went in. Still we had fun.

I saw them again on Sunday when they came over to Schoneberg where I live. They had done a pub crawl via the Bauhaus museum and the Reichstag. I found them in a the cheesy American cocktail bar slurping from a jug of Mohito. Then we all came back to my flat and had more drinks and a couple of rounds of racing demon. Sarah was an expert (apparently she has played at Jacobs.) James didn't get it.
Ruth commented
i wondered who that mysterious hunk was in lizzie's facebook pics! the infamous fireman.