Survivors of typhoon Mangkhut

Last time I heard (13:14 London time) Trevor and Ruth and family have survived typhoon Mangkhut.

Trevor wrote, "I’m on the sixteenth floor and the wind is whistling around the flat and the building is shaking a bit. Ruth, Paul and Mum are in Hong Kong! In a hotel down the road. They arrived just in time."

Ruth confirmed the story, "We snuck in just before the typhoon hit and have been holed up in our hotel since. Just about to sit down to post dinner zilch"
From Trev's mate

Harry marries Harriet O'Neill

Harry married Harriet O'Neill 8 September 2018 in Cornwall
The happy couple
I wasn't there and know nothing more! No umbrage. Siobhan said it was "An amazing day xxx"

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Ruth swims, bikes and runs triathlon

Ruth swam biked and ran 51.5km  in 3 hours and 7 minutes in the North Norfolk Triathlon on Sunday 2nd August. Half an hour better than she expected.

The most dangerous part is the start of swim, when you are likely to be drowned after another swimmer kicks you in the face.
The route. From / to Wells-next-the-Sea

Cricket Keelings vs Sedlescombe

The Keelings played Sedlescombe on the Westfield pitch 26 August. The weather was filthy. Keelings fielded first in driving rain and Sedlescombe scored 177 for 5 in their 20 overs, which is pretty impressive and seemed like quite a mountain to climb.  The Keelings went into bat after lunch as the weather got worse. But having lost only 1 wicket (Paul's) Jim and Josh (mainly Josh) were piling the runs on when the rain became intolerable and stopped play. We got 47 over 6 overs.  Anyway, the key was that we were looking on the money to take their target on.
Cricket: Click on picture and you might be able to see Trevor, Simon and Jim
The players were very brave. The Keeling spectators retired to Jacobs at lunch time and never returned.

In the evening 20 or more of us had a slap up dinner at the Brickwall hotel.
Josh, Ursula, Rob, Paul, Trevor older, Tom older, Simon, Louise
Van, Harry
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