Jasper II born yesterday.

Jasper was born to Kate and Will yesterday. Kate wrote at 8:53 "Morning all! Introducing Jasper who was born last night at 10.05pm. We are all doing well and looking forward to introducing you to our newest member of the family"
Jasper II
Congratulations flooded in:
[08:53] Keeling Harry: Wahoo!!!
[08:53] Keeling Harry: Congrats!!!!!
[08:55] Keeling Flora: Congratulations!!!❤❤
[08:56] Keeling Jim: Marvellous!  Xoxxxx
[08:57] Keeling Polly: 😍😍😍😍
[08:57] Keeling Tom Siobhan: Wow wee how exciting Congratulations 😃😃😃
[09:00] Keeling Lizzie: Amazing news, congratulations xxx
[09:06] Keeling Ruth: Congratulations will and Kate xx
[09:09] George  Keeling: Hello  Jasper II!
[09:12] Keeling Imogen: Congratulations! 💗
[09:47] Keeling Archie: Fantastic! Congrats Kate, such great news xxx
[10:10] Keeling Siobhan: Huge congratulations Kate. Enjoy getting to know the newest member of your family xxxxx
[10:11] Keeling Camilla: Hurrah and lots of love from us xxxx
[10:14] Keeling Camilla: Harry, is there a problem putting David onto WhatsApp? Still hasn’t come through? 07484 834 927
[10:24] Keeling Jasper: Congratulations!! That’s a very cool name!
[10:41] Keeling Trev: 🙃🙂🙃🙂
[10:42] Keeling Arthur: Congratulations well done!!
[10:42] Keeling Ursula: CONGRATULATIONS! Love from us and love the name .. can’t wait to meet him xxx
[10:44] Keeling Edward: Huge congratulations !!
[12:55] Keeling Kate: Thanks all!
[12:57] Keeling Kate: Haha we’ll have to make sure he lives up to the name!