Imo to run Lewa Marathon

Imo put this on the Keeling Clan:
Hi all.
I’m out in Kenya at the moment, and amongst doing other things I’ve just signed myself up for the Lewa Marathon. (I’m just doing the half and it’s in 14 days, eeek).

Anyway here’s the link to the page just so that you can check it out if you’re interested. There’s also a donate button if you feel like it sounds like a worthy cause.

Thank you and Lots of love XXXX

And she completed it on 30th of June

Camilla: Well done Imo! And you look as cool as a cucumber! Xxxx

Siobhan: Fantastic xxxxx

Paul: Are you sure the picture was after the race? You look far too fresh!

Issie: What an achievement Imo - absolutely amazing! Well done you! Xxx

Imogen: Thanks all. I had had a glass of champagne by then, that’s the trick ahah

Finucane diary

125 years ago: On board the RMS Ormuz  en route for the Fiji Island via Australia.

This is the write-up of a journal of about 120 pages of manuscript written in 1893 by Jane Finucane (née Sheridan), then newly wed to Dr Morgan Finucane, with occasional contributions from Morgan (and for him there is a potted biography in Appendix 1);  the original journal found its way from Hurst to L&YT, Dad’s office in London, where it was photocopied and the photocopy given to me by Dad in about 1980;  the original is in the possession of the Patrick Grayson (a cousin of Dad).  Patrick’s father and mother were Tris and Barbie Grayson;  Barbie was a sister of my granny Dorothy and the youngest of Morgan’s and Jane’s four daughters (Ruvé, Mo, Dot and Barbie) – see Appendix 3 on pages 40, 41.

Click here to read all 53 pages.

Uncle Simon

Uncle George writes: There are more Finucane diaries here. Or just search for finucane.