Imo to run Lewa Marathon

Imo put this on the Keeling Clan:
Hi all.
I’m out in Kenya at the moment, and amongst doing other things I’ve just signed myself up for the Lewa Marathon. (I’m just doing the half and it’s in 14 days, eeek).

Anyway here’s the link to the page just so that you can check it out if you’re interested. There’s also a donate button if you feel like it sounds like a worthy cause.

Thank you and Lots of love XXXX

And she completed it on 30th of June

Camilla: Well done Imo! And you look as cool as a cucumber! Xxxx

Siobhan: Fantastic xxxxx

Paul: Are you sure the picture was after the race? You look far too fresh!

Issie: What an achievement Imo - absolutely amazing! Well done you! Xxx

Imogen: Thanks all. I had had a glass of champagne by then, that’s the trick ahah

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  1. If anyone did want to sponsor Imo, she is running in a team called Stan's fans. Apparently this event gets booked a long time in advance, but suddenly a place became available in their team, so Imo has grabbed the chance to do it.