Jacobs farm photo albums: 1935 - 1937 by Grandpa

This is a photo album of Grandpa's from 1935-1937 taken with a very old camera. He was 10 in 1935.
Johnny, ????, Dot, Brian, Grandpa (Dad, Mike), Cally

The album features him, his brothers Johnny and Brian, his sister Cally Seitz, his mother and father Dot (née Finucane) and Jack, his aunt Mo Petri (née Finucane), Hurst House, the Oast House, lots of ships and many other people who I don't know.

Most of the photos are quite blurred. He was very young. As far as I know he never made another album!

Click here to see all 23 pages.

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  1. Hi George, thanks it is really nice to see these very old Photos! Nico