Documents on 8 brothers and searching in them

In order to link to documents like Barbar's diary which is a .pdf file, the file must be stored on Google Drive. There is a special Google account for 8.keeling.brothers which has google drive space up to 15 Gb free, forever. There is one folder called 8 brothers documents.

Click here to see the contents of the folder 

In order to add a new document you need to be able to update this folder. This can either be done by logging on as 8.keeling.brothers or by getting update rights to the folder. In either case ask George! Once the new document is in the folder you can link to it using the Link widget above the typing area.

It might be easier to set your new post to a draft, send the document to George, and let him worry.

Note to self: I can access also the folder from my 'Shared with me' folder in Google Drive.

If you are logged in to Google you can easily search for key words in these documents and possibly work out where they are referenced on the blog. The Search This Blog thing at the top right might be useful for that.

If you don't have a Google login you can only view all the documents.

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