Harry marries Harriet O'Neill

Harry married Harriet O'Neill 8 September 2018 in Cornwall
The happy couple
I wasn't there and know nothing more! No umbrage. Siobhan said it was "An amazing day xxx"

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Harry, Eila, Archie

Wandering off


Harriet and Harry mime 'badly'

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  1. [19:40, 9/14/2018] Keeling Ruth: lovely. Who is that singing?
    [19:43, 9/14/2018] Keeling Harry: Harriet and me, mining badly...
    [19:43, 9/14/2018] Keeling Harry: *miming
    [19:44, 9/14/2018] Keeling Ruth: Ha ha. Brilliant.
    [20:05, 9/14/2018] Keeling Kate: Amazing-thank you! Lovely dress too eila!
    Excuse US date formats