Keeling Cricket match 2021

Cricket Match and Jacobs 50th Anniversary weekend

On the weekend 17-19 September we not only have the annual Keeling vs Sedlescombe cricket match (first played in the 1930s) but also the 50th anniversary of the Mike and Jenny Keeling family moving into Jacobs.


  • Fri 17 Sept before dinner: arrivals start at Jacobs, Lower Northlands and nearby to both. Please check the links, here for Jacobs and nearby and here for Lower Northlands and nearby, for those expected and the related sleeping/catering arrangements. Please tell Jim or Paul if anything is not as you are expecting.

  • Sat 18 Sept 11.30am: nets for cricket team at Jacobs – see here for team details including umpires, scorers, captains etc.

  • Sat 18 Sept 12.30pm: first blessed hour at Jacobs, drinks served from marquee.

  • Sat 18 Sept 1.15pm: George’s lunch commences in marquee. See names of those expected to be coming, plus seating plan and dietary requirements, here and tell George if anything is not as you are expecting.

  • Sat 18 Sept post-lunch: inter-house bicycle polo, tennis, croquet, kubb, sudoku, watermelon rugby and possibly fire hockey, plus spectating, at Jacobs.

  • Sat 18 Sept 7.30pm: second blessed hour, in your own residences (see Fri 17 above for details), self-catered where applicable.

  • Sat 18 Sept 8pm: dinner in your own residences (see Fri 17 above for details), self-catered where applicable.

  • Sun 19 Sept 11.30am to 5pm: cricket at Brightling Park (see map here). Note this is about 25 minutes from Jacobs / Lower Northlands by car and you should bring your own picnic lunch;  also the pitch is out of range of mobile signal so you will NOT find your way there using satnav and should therefore use the map attached or something similar.

  • Sun 19 September 5.30pm: survivors' drinks in a pub (TBD) near Brightling Park

  • The end.

People at Jacobs and nearby

Rob Sr in his hired camper van (self-catering some meals*)
Jude – in Jacobs front oast (self-catering)
Lizzie/Rich and offspring in nearby AirBnB (self-catering some meals*)
Trev Sr/Jacquie in Jacobs main house
Ted – in front oast (self-catering)
Simon/Urs – Brickwall hotel (self-catering some meals*)
Archie/Lucy – staying nearby at Granny Fookes (self-catering some meals*)
Tom/Siobhan – in No. 2 Jacobs Cottages (self-catering)
Arthur/Edward/Imo/Flora – in No. 2 Jacobs Cottages (self-catering)
Jim/Emma – in Jacobs main house
Issie/JJ – in Jacobs main house
Polly/Josh/Rosie – in Jacobs main house
Possible foster children plus extra carer – in Jacobs main house
(* more to follow from Jim shortly)

People at Lower Northlands and nearby

George at Lower Northlands
Carolyn in AirBnB near Lower Northlands
Ruth/Young Paul at Lower Northlands
Trev Jr/Louise at Lower Northlands
David/Camilla in AirBnB near Lower Northlands
Poppy/Rob Jr at Lower Northlands
Paul Sr/Van at Lower Northlands
Fred/Jasper Sr/Zak at Lower Northlands

Team details including umpires, scorers, captains

Paul Sr (on-field captain)
Henry (aka Kev)
Josh (boundary captain, off games)
Harry (captain over the water)
Trev Sr (umpire)
Archie (chief scorer)
Ruth, Trev Jr (deputy scorers)

Marquee seating plan and dietary requirements (also on display in marquee etc)

Please tell George if you don't have a seat or if you have more than you need.
Revised 5 Sep

Map from Robertsbridge to Cricket Match near Brightling

Click here for real Google map (which may not work in Brightling)
For those who prefer words:
  • Off the A21, through Robertsbridge and across the level crossing
  • Straight on from there for about 2 or 3 miles and you will come to a T junction in Brightling
  • Turn left at ‘T’ and then, after about 300 yards turn right into a farmyard, ‘Ox Lodge’ (pictured below)
  • Follow track down a hill, along bumpy track until you come to the cricket pitch
  • Follow track around pitch (keeping it on your right), through some more farm buildings and park up behind the pavilion

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