Toms post

What a good idea! Well done R T G & D and thanks G for offering to pay the sub pro tem.

Ref the 17th Dec, the current roll call is

Mum and Dad, Rob sounds almost definite, Jo, Alice, Rory, Jude, Trev, Jaq, Tom, Ted, George, Ruth, Trev, Carolyn, Simon, Urs, Eila, TSAEIO, Jim, Emma, Izzy, Polly, Josh, Rosie. Trev and Simon are welcome to encourage their older children to come along and the same applies to Poppy. Camilla spoke to Siobhan last night and sadly said that she and David will be unable to make it. Paul's gang and Lizzie will be away.

Did anyone see the picture of Bush and Putin on the front the Telegraph yesterday, wearing Vietnamese national dresses? Very Prisoners of the Sun when our heroes are being prepared for sacrifice on the Inca's bonfire I! wear that patagonian petticoat? never! and when I say never I mean never!...not at all, your hat is very chic

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