Whats it for?

What's it for? Well it's just so that we can keep each other up to date. For example somebody could write an account of the party on the 17th Dec at Toms. Mum and Dad are going to be there. The whole George branch is coming, including Carolyn. Jim's shower will be there. I don't know who else will be. Then the other bros can catch up on what they missed. When you make a post you can put it in a category. I have created a category for each brother.

Another big event coming up is my exit London party. It will be on Saturday 6th January starting around 9pm. All brothers are invited along with their spouses and grown up children. Then I am off to Berlin the following week. The new tenants will be moving in on the 15th.

You can insert pics in a post, like this one of me posing outside 3 Sheffield Terrace last August. Lots of Love, George

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