Merry Christmas everyone!

Merry Christmas Keelings. Ruth, yes you get a prize for being first. It's now 22.55 so you others have little time left ... I spoke to Mum and Simon at Jacobs, they sounded like they were having good fun down there. Jim refused to speak to me because he was carving. Huh. Simon explained how Jim and he were technologically challenged by the blog, and I encouraged Simon to try harder and that is was worth it.

Camilla and Poppy send lots of love, as do the in-law Keeling branches in residence here. Anthony, Patrick, Jeremy, Lala and Ruby and Biba, Camilla and Poppy and Pat and me. And Lola our new cocker, Mina our not so new farm puss, and Bonnie. It wasn't freak weather however, that was last year.

Tons of love from all of us  xxxxx David

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