Simply Books V3

Recently I heard that a competitor "Dosh", in much the same sector of the market as is Simply Books, sold out to MYOB ("Mind Your Own Business" - typical Australian wit there). MYOB groups with Sage and QuickBooks in sector positioning, but is a much smaller company. Paul and I once slightly courted Dosh. Much cursing over here that it wasn't SB that MYOB bought, but no surprises however.

Meanwhile I have decided that I can't leave SB alone and will be bringing out a second version - called Version 3 ("Version 1" being the pre-commercial version). The project mission remains the same, namely to make book-keeping more and more accessible to non book-keepers. The timescale is pretty open, I imagine it will take me less than a year but you never know. If I complete it to market I'll be happy - I don't want to feel the need to eat my proverbial hat.

Rob has offered to help with suggestions, especially with regards to clearing up terminology and similar errors that may confuse accountants who help clients with SB at the year end (or indeed use it themselves because the software has excellent value for experienced book-keepers as well as novices because it is a very efficient cost-effective tool). Any other help gratefully accepted! (EG Dr TK ?? GK Java input? SK/JK watch for any market developments? TK go on using SB? PK is a shareholder so he has motivation to help in any way. Anyway remember to tell your friends of my existence and the free trial etc.)

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