From country bumpkin to city slicker

My new job at Whitehall & Westminster World is going well. The picture shows the view from my desk (no joke), but there has been no day dreaming going on as there is plenty to do and I am really enjoying it all.

I do the writing for the online bit of the publication, and you should all be able to have a gander - if you so wish - at I work in an editorial office with about 10 other people who work on things like amongst other things.

Even though I am always writing about the civil service (not the most fascinating subject, I know) I am fully immersed in the world of politics as everyone in the office is a brimming over with political knowledge and gossip. So, instead of listening to people at the Oxford Mail moan about there not being enough golden weddings to fill the paper, I listen to people discuss whether Lembit Opek's affairs of the heart will damage the Liberal Democrats.

My walk home
Already in my 10 days with the company I have had the full tour of parliament, including the roof, the infamous 'lobby' press room, and the obligatory pint in the press bar; I was sent to watch the top civil servant from the Home Office being questioned at a select committee just after all this criminal records business blew up; and they have invited me to attend the paid for slap-up company Xmas lunch (we had to pay a £1 at the Oxford Mail, and it was held in the canteen.)

The only bummer is that my bike has broken down and we're still trying to find somewhere to live. But, every cloud has a silver lining and staying at my friend Tam's house is great. And I get to walk past this on my way home every night!

: )

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