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hi everybody here is my christmas news. due to Jo's extraordinarily good cooking  (beef wellington, good enough to put most first class restaurants to shame),my waistline is now 42 inches, and i tipped 13stone 4lbs on the scales. 
New Year has come, and having got bored of the Dear Deirdre column in the Sun, have signed up for the Sun diet, which is going well as i've only been on it for two days, and haven't had the  chance to give it up yet. yes i guess that i was attracted by all the page 3 girls, and am seduced by the idea that if i do the diet, i could end up recapturing my youth, and looking like them. also i have given up milk in tea, using vanilla flavoured soya milk, which now i am used to it is ok.

i read George's blog, about his favourite christmas presents, while i was amusing myself with my favorite christmas presents, an electronic fart machine, and eating the last of some delicious cheese and chutney, while reading a tantalising book on the history of my favourite food, baked beans. comforting myself, that if i stop eating beans as the result of my diet, i can still simulate the audio results of beans electronically.

then i was made incredibly jealous by George's best christmas present, a skype phone, so that he can phone world wide free. using the old adage, if you can't join 'em beat 'em, i ordered a skype phone too, but mine is a video phone. The sales blurb on the back of the package says that you can talk to up to 4 people on  a video link, (as long as they have skype) call old fashioned phone numbers around the world, cheap, very cheap.

but for us as a family, if everybody was on skype, we would be able to have video conversations with each other, as we scatter geographically, we could come together electronically.
ps would if be a good idea if the password was changed to xxxxxxx [the idea was taken on board]?  this way it would be easier for the younger generation to remember what the password is, and the older generation, what their brothers names were? Just a thought.

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