Simon's 50th

Simon's 50th at the War Rooms was a real blaster. He managed to assemble loads of friends and relations, from the ones I haven't seen for years, to the ones I didn't know existed.  Mark and Nick Crean, a representative from the Gaynor family, Tavy, leading legal counsel, Andrew Caldecott, who I haven't seen since I left Eton, who told a story about me that I am sure is libellous, probably so that I would have to consult him on to see whether or not I could sue him.

David Kirke was there, complete with a picture of him in  the Dangerous Sports Club, but now with white hair, looking dangerously middle aged. Carolyn was there, and  told me that he frequents the Oxford bars, where he met Ruth. Apparently one of Carolyn's friends was so concerned that Ruth was mixing in the wrong company (wth David Kirke) that she warned Carrie that Ruth really shouldn't mix with him! So nothing changes then.

Henry Hyde Thomson was there asking if our Dad could contribute a story or two, to an up and coming eulogy to his dad, Paul Hyde Thomson. Henry said that he was a physicist looking for another  assignment to take him through life.

All the brothers were there, including George, who must have flown in from Spain for the  occasion.

Apparently there was a party after the party, which unfortunately I couldn't make, as I was on my way to work at that point, and couldn't find the restaurant in the Strand.

Anyway, a good time was had by all.

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