Wonders of the NHS

I always wonder why (older) people sometimes go around with huge lumps on their faces. I guess they get used to them as the lump slowly grows. Earlier this year I noticed a small growth under my right eye. It grew a bit and in early October I went to my GP. She didn't think it looked too serious and sent me to the dermatologist at St Mary's Paddington on the 18th Oct. (Booked in with medium urgency on the famous 'broken' NHS system. And I could pick a date.) I had it removed on the 5th Dec and they did a biopsy. I saw the dermatologist again on the 20th Dec. She said it was a bla bla bla and benign. Today I got a letter from her, copied to my GP, saying its a basal cell papilloma (seborrheic keratosis), which is benign. Doing it privately couldn't have been any better and I bet you can't see a scar. Hurrah for Gordon Brown and the rest of the gang.

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