Simon definitely alive – photo evidence

I went to see Simon in the Howard ward at St Thomas’s this morning. Eila and Ursula were there when I arrived. Simon had an operation last night to screw a metal plate into his collar bone to fix the two loose ends together. He was in quite a bit of pain he said, but he wasn’t moaning or groaning. Very brave. His left leg is also in that plastic splint because his knee is a bit messed up. The quacks will be operating on that next. He may have to move to Guy’s hospital for that because they’re better at knee stuff there.

After Ursula and Eila left Sara the nice nurse came in and said that Simon needed an X-ray so they could check that the operation was OK. Sara said that the porters were a bit busy. First she asked if Simon could walk down! Simon said he could. That would have been very slow and probably even more painful. Then she asked if I could take him down in the wheel chair. She also said that it was easier to tow the wheel chair backwards. You can see the steering wheels on the chair are at the back. How stupid, and designed to humiliate and
confuse patients like a lot of things in hospital. We managed to get Simon going forwards the whole way. We eventually found X-ray near A&E after wandering around various corridors. While Simon was being X-rayed I nipped out for a quick fag. There was one poor smoker there in his pathetic hospital gown (does up at the back so your arse shows)- another hospital humiliation device.

Simon’s room is on the top floor and has a great view across the river to the houses of parliament. Archie is coming to visit him this afternoon. He’s going to be in one hospital or another for a while. But he’s in pretty good spirits and, like everyone says, should make a full recovery unless he gets MRSA or something.

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