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I tried to use the **MAKE A NEW POST ** prompt today using 8brothers as the member name which was a failure. So I tried Tom instead which also did not work. Then I reverted to the typepad website which i am using now and I hope it works.

We are expecting Jim and family to drop in for lunch tomorrow on their way back from Salcombe. I spoke to Jim this morning and discovered that he has broken his wrist badly and gashed his neck after falling off a ten foot wall. He was admittedly under the influence of valium which had been prescribed to relieve the pain of sciatica. Clearly being at the top of a ten foot wall was a bad plan but a friend of theirs had discovered that their boat had been washed away by the storms and thought they should try to retrieve it.

Imogen was due in hospital this week to have the first of a series of operations on her mouth to cut back her overgrown gums (general anaesthetic and overnight stay). Very annoyingly the op was cancelled the day before it was scheduled, but we hope to get her back to the hospital next Wednesday for the op. All rather tiresome.

Simon should have had his knee op by now. I hope that went well.

Has Trevor had his hip replaced? I think it was due for this week.

At the moment we are under siege from builders. We are in the process of having our first floor completely upgraded and refurbished. Also we will have a ground floor loo and shower fitted. So we have moved out of the back of the house and we are consolidating into the front rooms. We are aiming to get the ground floor cloakroom finished asap and then move everything downstairs for the front rooms and our bathroom to be re-done.

A few months of a very upside down house/life lie ahead of us. As Flora said, it will be like living in a bungalow.

love Tom
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Dad had his hip op yesterday, and all went well. He was a bit gone when we went to see him yesterday as he finds it really funny when he presses the morphine button and so had consequently had as much as he was allowed!

Looking forward to seeing everyone on the 8th Sept Kate xx
Posted by: Kate | August 29, 2007 at 02:12 PM

Gosh what are the CK's completely mad? Good luck with the hip op Trev. Very interesting post Tom...
Posted by: George | August 21, 2007 at 07:59 AM

I too heard about Jim and fuelled up on Valium and last night's booze (which he thought a splendid cocktail for rock climbing above a rough sea) he demanded recommendations to all the top hand surgeons in the country. Sadly he felt that my skills were too rusty. All the top surgeons were of course on their summer hols so he may be stuck with me after all. I am not sure who is looking after the shop in London as Dangerous sports have almost wiped out Corbett-Keeling. Shall the rest of us chip in with some shift work?

At any rate I am hoping to get my new hip on 28 Aug here iin Bracknell.

lossa love to you all, Dr Trev
Posted by: Dr Trevor | August 18, 2007 at 06:25 PM

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