Ruths party -- PICTURES

As some of you may know Ruth was the grand old age of 27 last 30th Aug. She had told me that the party started at 7pm. Trevor came for a drink and dinner in Vauxhall then he, Alex, Gavin, Alexander and I arrived at the party in Hackney at 8. Carolyn was already waiting outside the pub. It was locked and dark. A man with keys arrived after about 5 minutes and let us in. Ruth came about 30 minutes after that!!!

It got off to a slow start, but was busy and very good fun from about 9. Lots of Ruths lovely crazed friends were there. Kieran, Nick, Megan, Tim, Holly, Lizzie, Kemi … It ended at 3am and I got to sleep about 6am. I proceeded to Suffolk where David and Camilla cured my hangover with lovely dry martinis. See you all next Saturday!

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