Alice's wedding and photos

Hi everyone,

my feet have only just touched the ground after the wedding, the day was amazing and we went straight off on honeymoon the next day. I started law college the day after I got back from honeymoon in sri lanka (11 hours after I got back, actually), have also started a job with a law firm, and we are finally moving for definite on friday week.

I will be including some of the photographer's photos in everyone's thankyou letters, although you will have to wait a little while for those, as he is out of the country until friday.

In the mean time, he has posted a few of the pictures (although by no means all of them as he got through at least 3 memory cards on the day) on his website : [no longer exists, 2017]

For those of you who couldn't make it because of various plane, work, or broken-bone related incidents, bad luck, you missed a great party, but I hope to catch up with you soon

Love to all

Alice x

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