Mum and Dad are on the blog

Mum has just phoned me to ask how to post a message on the brothers' blog, since Rob has just set them ( I think Mum AND DAD!!) properly on the net. I successfully explained the process to Mum and she was very pleased.

Then she asked me to let everyone know that she is connected and that all messages must be CLEAN. I immediately told her that the first rule of the blog, created and laid down by the mighty George was that all messages must be clean in case G & G read them. So she said the second rule is that all messages must be spelt correctly, so I assured her that a very high standard of spelling, grammar and punctuation had so far been maintained.

Finally she asked me to inform the world that her new email address is

I hope I've got all of that right.

This weekend I have moved out of the bedsit on the ground floor, back into my refurb-ed office. The wind is howling outside and I am in shirtsleeves feeling perfectly normal. What a change!

i before e except after c

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