Why is the moon so high?

Grandpa phoned me this evening to find out why the moon is so high. He has noticed that he can't see it out of the sitting room window any more. He had already phoned Simon (busy) and David "Haven't got the faintest". I gave him a hand waving answer. But promised to deliver before I saw him this Friday. Michael and Joseph had just left back for London, Marco was still here with his friend Guiseppe. The weekend was winding down. So I typed "why is the moon higher in the sky" into Google. The third article down was this. Apparently the maximal elevation of the moon goes in an 18.6 year cycle. Chances of Grandpa reading this: 10%. So I will have to give a full report on Friday evening. It includes things like this:

δ = 23.5 sin θ + 5 sin(θ + 180°) = 23.5 sin θ - 5 sin θ = 18.5 sin θ

I'm sure he's up for it. :-)
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I think the chances of Grandpa reading that is a lot less than 10%!
But it's funny as I was wondering only yesterday why the moon was so high.

Posted by: Harry | February 19, 2008 at 12:17 PM

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