Devils lake and hill

Ruth Trevor Emma
Ruth, Trevor and Emma, Trev's girlfriend, are visiting me in Berlin. They rented bicycles and we rode out to Teufelsberg and Teufelssee, which are in Grunewald, a huge forest on the edge of Berlin. Teufel is German for devil, so that's where the devils lake / hill comes from. It was a lovely day and there they are on top of the hill with Berlin behind them. The hill is about 80m high and was made after WWII from 12 million cubic meters of rubble, or about 400,000 buildings. That was some of the remains of Berlin after the war. You can read more about it on Wikipedia. After admiring the view, the kites, radio controlled gliders and trainee paragliders, we went down the hill at high speed, chased
George Emma Trevor
by dogs, to Teufelssee. Teufelssee is a lake with an old waterworks beside it which used to supply a large part of Berlin with drinking water. At last, I understood what waterworks means. This is something that has confused me since nanny introduced us to the term as children. And there's a picture of Trevor, Emma and me. I am not reading them a sermon and god is not looking over my shoulder, it's just a trick of the camera and the light. You can click either of the pictures to see a bigger view.

It's great fun having Ruth, Trev and Emma here, they are going back to England on Monday.

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