Trevors birthday

Trevor started his birthday celebrations on Friday afternoon at the Egg rolling race on Primrose hill. It is silly but fun. Gavin and I went there to join in. There are various competitions, including egg rolling, egg and spoon 3 legged relay race, egg decorating and egg golf. Ruth made some lovely decorated eggs.

The Keeling team, won the 3 legged relay race. Ruth and Trevor were in it, luckily I was in another team, I was rubbish. Alice, Ryan, Jude and Lizzie were all there too and in good form. We retired to the pub afterwards with lots of their friends. Happy birthday dear Trevor was sung lustily several times.

I'm feeling quite tired today  ....
The Easter egg roll was great fun, it was great to see you, George, Ruth and Trevor. Barry Egg White rocked (see picture!). Will definitely do it again next year - Go Team Keeling!!
Posted by: Alice | March 24, 2008 at 08:33 PM

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