Old photos from George

I have recently got all my old photo negatives put on my computer. It's taken quite a while. There were five albums that might be of interest to the 8 brothers part of the family. Here they are. Just click on a picture to see the album. The second last one contains the notorious evidence of Tom drinking a bottle of wine out of one glass at Bistro Le Praz. I have not always been able to identify all the small nephews and nieces. If you can help me, please leave a comment!

March 1997: Bunjee jumping (39)
We went bunjee jumping, near where the London Eye is now, for Trevor's 14th birthday treat. Ruth came and so Alice and some of their friends.

February 1997 Skiing Meribel (22)
Keeling family skiing in Meribel. Granny, Grampa, Philippe, Rob, Alice, Lizzie, Ruth, Trevor and Alexander feature.

1996 September Jacobs (12)
Grampa, Ruth and Trevor pictured at Jacobs. I'm nor really sure of the date of this. It might even be 1997.

January 1995 Skiing in Meribel (22)
We were skiing in Meribel. Granny, Grampa, Simon, Harry, Ruth and Trevor are pictured. We had a foi gras lunch at Bistro La Praz. At the end of it Tom wanted just one more glass of wine. The proprietor said he did not do glasses of wine, only bottles. A friendly argument ensued. Eventually the prop got out quite a large glass, opened a bottle and poured the whole bottle into it. Honour was satisfied on all sides and Tom drank it. The event is pictured here. Trevor was obviously quite amused.

April 1989 Easter at Jacobs (8)
Granny, Grampa, Trevor, Jackie, Kate, Tom, Simon, Harry, David, Camilla, David, Ruth and Trevor feature.

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