Next Monday the 12th, I am coming to London and taking reposession of my beautiful flat in St Marys Mansions. (Inland revenue: Please note.) As a result I will be in the awkward position of having a 2nd home in Germany, because London will be my main residence (Inland revenue: Please note again.) If any of you have spare stuff such as cooking utensils, double duvets, pillows, double duvet covers, pillow cases, a Vista compatible printer/ scanner, I can relieve you of them. If I can minimize my trip to John Lewis it would be dead handy. Fortunately, I'm sorted for furniture (beds, tables, sofas, chairs, cocktail shaker etc).

In addition, if any of you want to rent a room or two in my lovely London flat, or know somebody nice who wants to, there would be a place. For family I would do a cheaper rate, otherwise £700 per month.

After that, on Friday evening, Ruth, Trevor and I take the Eurostar to Moutières en route pour Meribel. Wooo hoooo!

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