The Last Field Game Post + maps

This is an urget last minute post to the players....

For several reasons we have decided to postpone our on-field meeting till 10.00am,just one hour before kick off. I am sorry this is such late notice and I hae been frantically trying to try and get in contact with the players but I am having trouble contacting George, Trev, Paul, and Fred.

I am so so looking forward to the game and its very interesting to see how each team has panned out. It looks as if we will be very equally matched.

But we have the advantage! because as Ghandi said in 1920 - "Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will." And therein lies our strength. what else could be the reason for George's phenomenal fitness work?

Game on.

George writes: Archie provided this schematic of where the game is.

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