Eton reunion

Last Friday I went up to Eton for a 1979 leavers party. I was a little surprised to find myself doing this as I have been far from good at keeping in touch with my contemporaries from school since I left and with one exception had never attended a similar event. Maybe because I hadn't been invited to many of them....

The evening was helped by meeting Anthony deNormann en route and another pal joining us who conveniently drove us from Ant's house to Eton and back!

Everyone suffered slightly from needing to peer through the mists of time at faces that had changed in many respects, although there were a couple of 'Dorian Grays' who appeared exactly like they did thirty years ago. That was a bit spooky compared to others who looked like their dads, which seemed more natural. All the 'boys' were in great heart and the school looked after everyone very well and gave a delicious dinner in College Hall which was pure Hogworts as far as I was concerned.

Mainly for Dad:-Beforehand I had mentioned to Dad that I was going and he had told me that he had nearly but not quite attended an older version of this event. I did let this slip to the Provost who said that there are some reunions for older OEs and their wives at lunchtime nowadays.

The purpose of this post is general info, as usual. But also to say that the evening was very enjoyable with a lot of people who seemed mellowed with the years and happy to have a laugh with each other and at themselves. The rich and well-known were there as well as a self-employed carpenter who had got married for the first time this year. So quite a variety. I know of one or two who had needed a bit of persuading to turn up and even they had smiles on their faces at the end of the evening.

I've nothing to sell but I would recommend it to all of you if the chance arose.


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