Van's new show at the 606 club in London

On 15th October at the 606 Club, Lots Road, Chelsea: Nephews & Nieces get bargain tickets for £20 (inc supper), it'll be great and even better to see some of you there! Give Van a call on 077400 49014 to get the special price.

George has noticed that there is a small but crucial omission in the information above: The 606 is at 90 Lots road and the bar opens at 7.00 with the show at 8.15, but of course you would have been told this at the 'point of sale' I'm sure.

Sorry Trev - might be a bit of a stretch from Berlin, even at £20!
I'm in Dad. It'll be nice to see you xx
Posted by: Ruth | October 02, 2009 at 03:12 PM

I'll come if any other brothers or nephs/nieces do. This may be a stupd question, but is it at 606 lots road? And when does it start?

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