You may have noticed that I seem to have settled in Berlin. If you have, you're right. I'm buying a flat here. I hope to move in December or January. It's at Regenburger Str 27 not far from the one I rent now. It's an 'Altbau' built around 1900, with lovely high ceilings, old fashioned double glazed windows etc etc. Not dissimilar to St Marys Mansions, but a bit smaller.

Another similarity is the gossip mill. I haven't even moved into the place or paid for it, although I have signed a contract. My future downstairs neighbours, a nice couple with a three year old boy, phoned me yesterday and asked to meet me. I visited them today. They were complaining about the noise I am going to make when I move in. I am not joking.

PS: I am still a Londoner: I have bought a one bedroom flat in Vauxhall (@Ruth: oops). I won't be there all that often so I am holiday letting it. If you know anybody who wants, do tell them. Relatives get a special rate: 10% extra because you love me so much. But don't worry, I won't charge you if you visit me in Berlin. (Errm @Ruth: if I did a pro bono for homeless people two weekends a year would that be OK?)

PPS Not many posts going up here. Expect more rubbish from me and good stuff from Granny soon.

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