Barbara Gibbs: socialite diary Britain 1900-1980

Click here for for edition 3 of Barbar's diaries: Barbara Gibbs: socialite diary Britain 1900-1980.  And if you have the technology, you might even be able to get it on your smartphone and read it on the train. It's a pdf this time: there are no missing pages, it's all legible and you can search for mentions of your good self. Do forward this page to cousins and other interested relatives who might be interested!

"The Court dress followed rigid rules laid down by the Lord Chamberlain's office; 'long evening dresses with Court trains suspended from the shoulders, white veils with ostrich feathers will be worn on the head.....gloves must be worn. Veils to be no longer than forty five inches. Three small white feathers — the Prince of Wales Plume — must be worn slightly on the left side of the head.'"

"So to sum up this part of my story I am really sure, after all these years that except for the very gifted and unusual humanist, whom I have never met, life's full potential can only be lived against a background of spiritual faith."

"Nanny approves of it for the new baby 'Simon, called Henry' whose face she covers with a piece of muslin so that he looks like a holy relic being carried across the lawn."

"Un-put-downable - a fascinating personal account of upper class 20th century Britain" - The Snobserver

;-) George
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People and some places mentioned in this work
Abbey Road
Addie Cohen, Lady Cohen
Agnes Loveridge
Alexander Hudson
Alfred Clark
Alice Bengough
Alice Williams (BG's Aunt)
Alan Gwynne-Jones
Allan Perrrins
Anne Crole
Annie Southwater
Arthur Corbett
Arthur French
Arthur Gibbs
Arthur Gilbey
Arthur Greig
Arthur Miller-Stirling
Arthur Penn
Attie Corbett
Barbar Gibbs
Barbara Williams, Barbara Gibbs, Barbar
Barton Hudson
Baroness Elliot of Harwood
Basil Ionides
Bea Rowe, Bea Lubbock
Ben Bathurst, Viscount Bledisloe
Bernard Miles, Lord Miles
Betty Cumming, Betty Miller-Stirling
Bill Llewellyn, Bishop of Lynn
Bill Palmer
Billy Corbett, Lord Rowallan
Billy Rowallan
Binnie Hale
Bishop of Kensington
Bishop of Lynn
Bob Bonsor
Bowden the head gardener
Brian Brooke
Bryan Gibbs
Brigade of Guards
Brigid Rees
British Council
Brocas Burrows
Buckingham Palace
Buffy Williams-Ellis
Cameron Highlanders
Campden House
Campden House Court
Campden House Terrace
Castel Deudraeth
Catherine Oakshott
Cecil Keith
Cecil Maim
Charles Groves
Cherry Gibbs, Cherry Palmer
Christopher Weatherby
Cicely Chance
Cissy Murray
Clio Burke
Claude Beasley-Robinson
Clock House Byfleet
Cohn Hutchison
Constance Spry
Colonel Glover
Coronet Theatre
Court dress
Cunnington Mrs
David Bathurst
David Gibbs
Desmond MacCarthy
Deudraeth Castle
Dick Heathcote-Amory
Dolphins, was Murie Lodge
Dorothy Finucane, Dorothy Kee1ing, Lady Keeling
Dorothy Hutton
Dorothy Hutton
Dot Keeling
Douglas Greenacre
Dubbie Williams
Dudley Tooth
Duke of Gloucester
Duke and Duchess of York
Dr Groves
Earl of Carrick
Edith Street
Effie Smith
Eileen Plunket
Eileen Graaff
Eldridge Johnson
Elizabeth Andersen (Andy)
Eric Dunstan
Ernest Lisburne
Eton School
Eustace Guinness
Fanny Bell (BG's Aunt)
Fenimore Johnson
Florrie de la Rue (BG's Aunt)
Florrie Scott
Food Society Journal
Frank Braithwaite
Fred Stoop
Freddy Sykes
Gaenor Scott-Ellis, Gaenor Heathcote-Amory
Gastloser Mountains
General Strike
Geoffrey Eaton
Geoffrey Lawrences, Lord Oaksey
George Barstow
George Phillipe
Geraldine Schwarz
Gervas Huxley
Godfrey Phillips
Gordon Beazley
Grace Eaton
Great Western Railway
Guards Armoured Divsion
Gwyn Grimond, Gwyn Corbett, Lady Rowallan
Harcourt Gold
Harry Yoxall
Henley Regatta
Henry Heley-Hutchison
Hilda Winterbotham
Hiley Bathurst
Hope Hudson
Imperial Airways
Ingela Kreuger, Ingela Baklund
Irene Denison-Pender, Lady Pender
Isabel Sykes
Jack Denison-Pender, Lord Pender
Jack Gibbs
Jack Keeling, Sir John Keeling
Jack Russell
Jack Rutherford
Jack Groves
James Norton
Jenifer Barbara Gibbs, Jenifer Keeling
Jennifer Howard, Jennifer Jane Gibbs
Jennifer Lawrence, Jennifer Burnaby-Atkins
Jeremy Thorpe
Jerry Crole
Jerry Northrop Moore
Jessica Winterbotham
Jim Woodhouse
Jimmie Horlick
Jinnie Fullerton
Joan Krishaber, Joan Bathurst
Joan Rutherford
Joan Williams
Joanna Prescot
Jocelyn Clapham
Jock Murray
Joe Williams, Joe Hutchison
John Spencer
Jonathan Hudson
Johnny Keeling
Joyce Wethered
Katie (Catherine) Williams, Katie Stedall
Katie Rutherford
Kensington District Nursing Association
King George V
Kutya Krishaber (Otto Krishaber)
Lady Duveen
Lady Keeling
Lady Pender
Lady Rowallan
Lady Victoria Braithwaite
Lady Wakehurst
Leila Ladd, Leila Gibbs
Leo Dowd
Lilian Faithful
Lionel Cohen, Lord Cohen
Lionel Gallwey-Robertson
Lorimer Rees
Lord Campden
Lord Howard de Walden
Lord Kitchener
Lord Lothian
Lord Oaksey
Lord Pender
Lord Rowallan
Lord Swaythling
Loveday Gibbs, Loveday Hudson
Loveday Williams
Ludgrove School
Mabel Grimmer
Madame Meunier
Maggie Hay
Malvern Girls College
Margaret Macharg
Marlborough House Lodge
Martin Hudson
Marie Ney
Mark Lubbock
Marjorie Lawrence
Marjorie Gibbs
Marjorie House
Mary Hendrie, Mary Cumming, Lady Swaythling
Mary Montague
Mary Schoeffler
Michael Keeling
Miss Bervon
Miss Blandford
Miss Heath Jones
Miss Pixley
Miss Pott's boarding school
Mlle Manileve
Molly Le Bas, Molly Burrows
Monica Beazley-Robinson, Monica Pen Lloyd
Mrs Simpson
Mrs Bleasdale
Murthley Castle
Nancy Barstow, Lady Cuccia
Nanny Elizabeth Andersen
Nanny Fra Chevez
Nanny Pycroft
Nanny Mrs Smith
Nanny Kay Huddon, Mrs Anthony Brooke
Nanny Kathleen Oldfield
Naomi Brooke
National Council of Social Services
Nell Fullerton
Neil Perrins
Nelto Beazley
Nelto Willliams
Neville Smyth
Nigel Bengough
Nigel Fisher
Noel Coward
Oliver Stanley
Oliver Stedall, Noll Stedall
Olwen Smyth
Osmond Williams
Oswald Birley
Pat Clapham
Paul Schoeffler
Pauline Chase
Penelope King
Peter Pan
Peter Wilding
Philip Hudson
Pleydel Bouverie
Princess Victoria
Prue Daniel
Pynesfield Manor
Queen Anne
Queen Mary
Queen Mother
Queen Victoria
Rene Woodhouse
Reggie Lisburne
Rich, Mr
Richardson Gardner
Ronnie Cumming
Rosamond Butler, Rosebud Gallwey-Robertson, Rosamond Gibbs
Royal Enclosure at Ascot
Sam Beazley
Sammy Stanier
Sheffield Terrace
Shirley Williams
Silver Wing Imperial Airways
Sir Baptist Hicks
Sir John Keeling
Sir Joseph Duveen
Sir Geoffrey Winterbotham
Sir R. W. Carden & Co
Sir Sidney Beauchamp
Sir William Orpen
St. Andrew's
St. Monica's
Stuart Montague, Lord Swaythling
Sybil Dunlop
Terling Marthus
Thomas Keeling
Tommy Humbert
Tony Whaley
Trevor Willliams (BG's father)
Vera Britain
Victoria Wingate
Walter Bonn
Welsh Guards
Wilfred House
Winsome Gibbs, Winsome French

Trevor Willliams, Alice Fullerton, known as Toby
Barbars's sisters 
Loveday (died young),  Joe, Katie(husband Oliver, children Rosalind and Olivia)
Trevor Williams' sisters
Fanny Bell, Florrie de la Rue and Alice Williams
Barbars cousins
Joan Williams, Nelto Willliams

Rosalind (p232) is Rosalind Stewart-Wilson (nee Stedall), she is Katie's daughter.

Arthur Gibbs' parents
Leila and Arthur Gibbs
p 59 Mr and Mrs Gibbs had four children Arthur, Bryan (who Barbar sometimes referred to as Brian, but I have used Brian throughout), Winifred and Marjorie.
Arthur's uncle Willy.

Barbar and Arthur's children
David, Loveday, Cherry, Jenifer

Emma Gibbs
Fanny Gibbs

Jonathan Hudson
Martin Hudson
Christopher Hudson
Cathryn Hudson (Katie Hudson)
Alexander Hudson

Serena Palmer
Alexandra Palmer
Howard Palmer
John Palmer

Robert Keeling
Trevor Keeling
George Keeling
Simon Keeling
David Keeling
Tom Keeling
James Keeling
Paul Keeling

Great grandchildren
Henry Hudson
Emily Hudson
Hugh Hudson
Mark Hudson
Ian Hudson
Hugo Hudson
Kate Crockatt
Ruth Keeling
and there are many more who were born after the story was penned.
Only just logged on for look at the diary. Much looking forward to getting into an easy to read format and enjoying some family history. Tom
Posted by: | November 22, 2010 at 11:59 AM

You're quite right - makes great train reading, loving it and nearly finished. Can't believe that it has apparently been sitting in my old bedroom all these years! Paul
Posted by: Paul | November 16, 2010 at 02:33 PM

Good work! Thanks George I look forward to reading this. David
Posted by: David | November 15, 2010 at 12:01 PM

What a magnum opus! I nearly gave up on the calendars this year, and this is far greater! Love Mum

Posted by: Mum | November 15, 2010 at 10:32 AM


  1. Hi Folks, (its been a long time since I've seen you all - maybe 40 years!!) reading Arthur's letters home - i have a battered copy of Barbar's memoirs but do you have a link to the pdf - can't find it on this page. Many thanks Henry Hudson

    1. I have updated this page, so that it has a link to the PDF. Now where is Henry?

    2. Many thanks for this - just got the link via email from my uncle Mo too, JPH is my Dad, I remember meeting you all at a rugby match in the 70's. I am the oldest of Barbar's great grandchildren. All the best Henry

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  3. Distantly...distantly connected to the Williams family of Deaudraeth Castle --- My 2x great grandfather, Robert Williams 1804-1869 was the younger brother to David Williams MP Merioneth (father of Sir Osmond Williams 1849-1927). I stumbled onto this excellent page in the course of my never ending research. Thank you for making it available.

    1. Hi Rachel can you get in touch?

  4. Can someone please put me in touch with Cherry's son Howard,I am Peter Hannen Biddy (nee Gibbs) and Guy's son.Bryan was her father and Arthur's (Barbara's husband) brother.
    Howard and I were at school together and our mothers were cousins and friends.I am writing a piece on old Arthur"Grumpy" Gibbs,his lifelong chauffeur Clarke and all his Rolls-Royces based on Rolls archives and stories my mother told me which also included Cherry and would love to hear her memories and see if they match.I realise this is a bad time and very sad that Bill died but as Howard said he had had a good innings. Sommy gave us a copy of the War diaries and I have loved reading Barbara's Diaries which add such background .I discovered this site by complete chance when I was researching the cars. you may all be amazed at what I have dug out and will make sure that anything published gets around the family however extended!
    I am living in Uruguay and have a 1922 Rolls in America to keep up the family tradition.

  5. is the contact