In need of a car

Hi everyone - I'm just writing on the off chance that someone has a car to spare between (roughly) August 12 and August 20. I'm hoping to go on holiday around the UK and am slightly stumbling at the cost of hiring a car...

If anyone is interested in lending me a car, I can assure them that I am an extremely competent driver - I've been driving for 7 years and have never had to make an insurance claim nor had any points on my licence.

I'm planning to drive to the Isle of Wight, Bristol, the Lake District and Sheffield and would return the car professionally cleaned and with a full tank of petrol. 

Lemme know - and love to you all

Poppy, we might be able to help, subject to working out a few details.....Tom & Siobhan
Posted by: Tom the older | August 01, 2012 at 11:29 AM

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