1957 Hurst
Uncles Brian, Johnny, Herbert. Dad
Aunts Biddy, Robby (Johnny's 1st wife), Cally. Mum
Cousins Patrick, Sarah. Trevor, Granny, Robert, Grandpa, George
and various dogs.
 1969 Hurst

2011 Hurlingham
Standing: Emma, Tom, Nico & Christa Seitz, Ursula, Siobhan, Edward, Isssie, Ruth, Arthur, Carolyn, Polly, Zac, Paul, Jasper, Van, Alice, Jacquie, Jo, David, Camilla, Poppy, Kate, Tom, Harry, Archie, Trevor, Lizzie, Ted
Chairs: Simon, Trevor, Granny, Grandpa, Rob, George, Jim 
Bums on Grass: Jakob & Emma Seitz, Imogen, Eila, Flora, Jude 

Great pictures George, or should I say maaaarrvellous for the first two with Grandpa? We have just got back from Madrid where we were staying in a friend's house for a fortnight. All of us had a great time. Temperatures in the high thirties everyday. Tom

Posted by: Tom the older | August 30, 2012 at 12:06 PM

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