Christmas Cards & German Bureaucracy

Christmas cards

Send a different kind of Christmas card this year and impress the people you forgot to talk to in 2012. I found a great website for it and the quality of the prints is second to none. CLICK HERE.

German Bureaucracy

Germans have the reputation for being efficient. Don't you believe it. Here are three examples.

1) When you live somewhere you have to register with the local authority. It's a law. I had to queue for two hours in the Rathaus to sign a form which took two minutes.

2) I have still not regularised my National Insurance benefits. I have been trying for three years. The responsible office in Bonn takes four months to answer a letter. HMRC are a model of efficiency by comparison.

3) When I moved into my flat I had major renovations and spent thousands of Euros repairing rotten beams between my flat and my neighbours below. The block management saw the work at the time and agreed to pay the money back to me. That was two years ago. I got the money yesterday.

!!!!!!!! HAPPY CHRISTMAS !!!!!!!!

Lovely photos Alexander xxx

Posted by: David | November 25, 2012 at 07:13 PM

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