Win Gibbs, 1898-1988

Win Gibbs
Win Gibbs was born 30th July 1898 and she died 10th November 1988 at the Clarence Nursing Home in Tunbridge Wells. Her parents were Arthur Gibbs and Ena (nee Ladd) whose children were Arthur (1894), Brian (1896), Win (1898) and Marjorie (1905). Arthur the son became Barbar's husband. Arthur and Barbar are the maternal grandparents of the 8 brothers.

Win's parents lived in Bramley Surrey, Win lived there too. Earliest known fact: She quarrelled with her father and left home 'penniless' to work and live in a cake shop in Rye or possibly a tea shop in Windsor,  where she discovered the warmth that newspapers could provide. Apparently her father fell out with quite a lot of people. Win was also no easy companion. Sue Goodsir (who started this enquiry) tells us that Win founded the ladies section at Bramley golf club, presumably before the falling out with her father.

She had learnt golf in Scotland in very windy conditions and usually went there when young for the shooting. She was always travelling for that, so never had proper birthday parties.

She moved to a Brit colony in South Africa. Possibly SA itself, maybe Rhodesia or another colony. There in the 20s or 30s she became ladies golf champion. She got to the finals and was matched against a well known and very good player who was the hot favourite. On the day of the competition it was very windy. The Scottish practice told in her favour and much to the surprise of all she took the cup.

She married Arthur French from Johannesburg on 25th June 1927. We do not know if that was the reason for migration. He was 28 years older than her, born in 1870, and he died aged 65 on 24th September 1935. She then married Robert Stewart Munn on 4th December 1940 in Johannesburg. She later changed her name back to French. Her only child came from the first union. He was Phillip Arthur French, who became a doctor and died of suicide age 35. There is a Capt. P. A. FRENCH, M.B. (478966) recorded in the London Gazette. We do not believe this is him. Win outlived her second husband as well and returned to UK in the 1960s.

Win died on 10th November 1988 in the Clarence Nursing Home in Tunbridge Wells. Mum (Jenifer Keeling, Win's niece) tells us that Win met her brother Arthur's great grand daughter Ruth Keeling in 1983. Mum often visited Win in the nursing home.

Win's full first name was Winifred, nickname Winsome. Mum said she was 'very good looking' - a common failing in the Gibbs family.

Jenifer Keeling (niece), Howard Palmer (son of other niece) told all this to George.

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Leila Gibbs (nee Ladd) and Children

Grandpa Gibbs 1911
Brian, Win, Arthur (father), Arhhur (son), Marjorie

Grandpa Ladd in 1903, presumably with Arthur, Brian and Win

Grandma Ladd (nee Coffin) with Bryan and Win

Gibbs family 1900

The Gibbs Cup (at Bramley Golf Club)
Win's death is recorded in the London Gazette of 1st Dec 1988 as having occurred at the Clarence Nursing Home in Tunbridge Wells on 10th November 1988.
Posted by: Howard | October 07, 2014 at 06:57 PM

Many thanks for the updated info on Winifred who was the First Ladies Captain at Bramley Golf Club, Surrey, in 1922. I'll feature this in our History Book to be published later this year to celebrate the club's Centenary.
The photos are great too; if anyone has any of Winifred In her 20s, especially of her playing golf, that would be fantastic!
Have loved reading Barbara's diary and Arthur's letters home from the war - what a wonderful website you have!
If you have any info, George has my email. Regards, Sue
Posted by: SueGoodsir | February 10, 2013 at 09:01 AM

I like the cup!
Posted by: jenifer Keeling | February 03, 2013 at 08:11 PM

Fascinating George, thanks. Keep it coming. Dr Trev

Posted by: Dr Trev | February 01, 2013 at 11:29 AM

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