Mid Life Epiphany?

When I told Ruth that quite a few amazing things had happened to me recently she kindly wrote, "Wow. Mobile phone, German, food, hearing. Are you having some of mid life epiphany?" Maybe an old age epiphany ....

In the last few months I have
  • Discovered I am not going deaf, the ear doctor plucked wax slugs out of my ears.
  • Simultaneously become much more interested in food. I quite often make myself a three course lunch. E.g. this afternoon: avocado, pear in mustard pickle (delicious secret old German recipe), cheese and biscuits.
  • Found German very easy to speak and understand. The border is down, it's so much fun.
  • Got totally relaxed without a mobile phone*.
  • Experienced a creative and inventive surge. I now have six projects cooking.

Could food appreciation and being able to hear be connected? I will ask the ear doctor when I see her in September.

(*) Camilla said.
"I was remembering going to the Isle of Wight festival - sometime in the 1780s [sic]....and spending four days looking for the people I was meant to be meeting. Never happened, but I met lots of lovely new people. Your mobile free life will be full of such pleasures."
Thanks darling!

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