Catching up: Two hatched, four matched, two dispatched and ..

  • Mum / Granny died 24 April 2015, buried 2 May in Sedlescombe church graveyard

  • Lizzie and Richard Broom got married at Gorwell Farm 18 June 2016

Lizzie, Richard and the Keelings Trevor Simon Jim George Grandpa David Rob Paul

  • Alice had her third child Art on 23 March  2017, following Jude and Viv

  • Kate Keeling and Will Crompton married 17 June 2017

Kate and Will leave Battle church. The reception was at Jacobs

  • Trevor and Louise married 22 July 2017 in Picena, Spain

Marriage on a mountain top

  • Dad / Grandpa died 28 July 17, buried 18 August with Granny

Extended family at the wake at Jacobs Farm
Dad was unable to attend Trevor and Louise's distant wedding and he was taken ill on the day after it. He died five days later attended by many relatives. In a parting letter he had written, "It has been a great joy to Mum and me to have had eight sons. I hope you will all remain good friends and look after each other as well." He joined Mum in the grave. Here is the new gravestone (c. June 2018)

New gravestone c. June 2018
Ruth gave a splendid eulogy. Read it here.

  • Cricket match vs Sedlescombe 20 August 2017. Keelings lost
<Awaiting photo and score from Captain Harry>
  • Archie and Lucy Oury married 16 September 2017

  • Trevor and Louise in Beijing then Hong Kong

Trevor and Louise in Beijing. Inset: Their yard.
In October Trevor and Louise moved to Beijing because Louise had a drama teaching job. Trevor wrote: "They have go boards in the courtyards of our flats. They also have two television channels devoted to go. Dad, by the way you'd love Beijing, people smoke in restaurants." 

In the New Year they will move to Hong Kong where more work awaits Louise and Trevor has a four month contract.

  • Stanley Phoenix born to Lizzie and Rich Nov 2017


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