Tom - the new Portuguese farmer

Hello one and all.
This is an open call to everyone I have ever met. A couple of weeks ago, Matilde and I bought 2 hectares of farm land in Portugal and will be arriving there at the end of March this year.
First of all, a massive thank you to everyone who has helped us collect all our tools, home and garden stuff. All of it was for free from donations and freecycle, and people going out of their way to search for old stuff we could use. Now we have a shed full of tools, carpets and everything we need to set up our home-tent in Portugal.
And the property...
The farm set-up will be basic at first but if you are happy with camping you'll be ok. We are going to be rennovating the stone barn pictured, and planting the land with various forms of edible forest. The area is good for cycling/longboarding, and if you have a car it is a couple of hours drive from the beaches. 
As a basic run down of what will be there...
We have two bell tents (pictured, the ones people use for glamping) which are 5 metre diameter. One will be for me and Mati to live for the next year and the other will be for guests. But you can bring your own tent or hammock too if the second bell tent is occupied
Our land is ten km from Castelo Branco city which has a lot of bars, hotels, restaurants, services etc. 
We will start by making a camping shower so there will not actually be HOT water but we are aiming to make it a nice warm temperature for afternoon showers in the sun 🙄
The land is beautiful, quiet, sunny, with various orange, fig, olive and quince trees. 
When we arrive in March there will be nothing but the land so we will be putting together all the basic living stuff right away. So that being said, before you come, feel free to send an email and me or Mati can let you know what stage we are at. 
So if you want to get away from the city for a while, and help us build our castle then let us know 😎

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