Jacobs farm photo albums: 1969 Nov - 1973 Jul JBK

Jacobs farm photo albums: 1969 Nov - 1973 Jul JBK mostly by Granny


Lady Dot Keeling
Barbar (Barbara Gibbs)
Grandpa, Granny, Robert, Trevor, George, Simon, David, Tom, Jim, Paul
Gibbs's: Emma, Fanny
Hudsons: Christopher, Kate, Alexander
Palmers: Howard, John
Keelings: Johnny, Jocelyn, Bill; Mark, Nick Crean
Keelings: Bri Magdeliza 
Seitz's: Cally, Herbert, Nico

Gardiner Hills: Peter, Sue, Alice, Jane
Gaynors: Paddy, John, Cathy, Pat
Mash, Juliet Sturridge, Lars Backlund, Mary, Dom Caldecott, Simon Greenwood, Monika Heslmunte; Synove (Synøve) Lund; Harry Eddis; Barry and Val Sweatman; Mr Dumaresq; Anno Ainslie; Roger and Anne Field; Mr and Mrs Curry; June and Geoff Williams; Sheila and Harry King; Val, Tom, June Scruby; Jamie Petri; Cresta Norris; Sue Rowe; David Roberts; Caroline Schofield; Canal du Midi

Pony: Coco


Lake Windermere, Davos, Sedlescombe, The Oast House, Hurst House, Eton, Zermatt, Dolphins, Venice, 11 Albert Place, Pollurrian Cornwall, Jacobs Farm (Oct 30 1971), Ladycross, Ampleforth

Fishing with trammel net.
The move in to Jacobs and some amateur building there.

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