The Five Great Games of patience: Live!

The Five Great Games of patience are now live at!

What are the Five Great Games of patience?

The games are Aunty Allis, Uncle Remus, Seven & Six, Senior Wrangler and Kings. They have been passed down by Grandpa Michael Keeling who played them as a young man and inherited them from his family. One was his aunt Allis (often misspelt Alice). I remember watching him playing them at home and with his mother at Hurst when I was a child.

Jim persuaded Grandpa to write down the rules for posterity and then Grandpa played a hundred games and set the gold standard for performance. The rules are here and those hard-to-beat scores are here. The rules are already incorporated in the scores soon will be.

These last months I have been learning how to program in JavaScript, Typescript, Html, CSS, php and SQL (phew) and have created where you can enjoy all five games. They even work on smart phones but you need good eyesight and dexterous fingers. Feel free to pass on the URL to anybody. x George

Uncle Remus in Progress


  1. Well done George! A masterwork xxx

  2. Have been playing on this since Christmas and loving it. Thanks Dad xxx