Great grandfather Arthur Gibbs

Leslie Price from Houston, Texas wrote recently:

My great-grandmother, Gladys Taber Chamberlain, was the 2nd wife of your [great] grandfather Arthur Gibbs. 

I discovered your website one day while searching for information about my great grandmother and her 2nd husband. All I really have is a few photos and a calling card.

My great grandmother was always known to us as Grandmother Gibbs. She’d married first Ernest Chamberlain, had my grandfather (Thomas Taber Chamberlain), then divorced, and remarried the somewhat mysterious “Mister Gibbs”.

By the time I knew her, she had been living in Cuernevaca Mexico for many years. My mother explained to me that in Cuernevaca, Grandmother Gibbs could live in style on the modest amount of money she had. 

I’m so pleased to finally be able to learn a bit about Arthur Gibbs, the wealthy Englishman who worked at Rolls Royce and met my great-grandmother at Cannes where they both liked to gamble.

Thank you so much for creating your website, and for including that wonderful book by your grandmother Barbara Gibbs.

This excerpt from p.104 seems about right given the little I ever learned about Grandmother Gibbs’ 2nd marriage: 
“He [Arthur] drove down to the South of France every February, but he never took his wife. No doubt he needed a new one. Curiously, having obtained his divorce and married the lady that he had in mind, to the great satisfaction of them both, she, in turn, found that marriage to him was another matter. Within two years she had left him, preferring real poverty to the gilded cage in which she found herself trapped.”


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  1. Thanks so much George. How fascinating Trev