Casewise AGM

Casewise had its AGM yesterday. Simon was there and he was of great assistance. We passed that complicated motion in the agenda, using sub-point 5. That means that we will increase the holding company P&L account from about £500K to about £1,200K. We need the approval of a judge first. This should be a formality. (Famous last words) The formality takes at least another 2 months. When thats all ove that means we will legally be able to buy back shares, pay preference dividends and pay dividends on ordinary shares. In that order. What Simon pointed out was that the £500K does go  up and down and I will be watching it like a hawk! Thats because I want Casewise to pay dividends on Ordinary shares so I get some dosh. Those of you who want to sell your shares back come before me in the pecking order :-( It's only fair. If you decide to keep some or all of your shares then there may be a dividend in 2007. I am aiming at somewhere between £1 and £5 per share.

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