Hoverspeed, introducing Old Stories

The competition
Well I've been doing a bit of maintenance. Changed the About box, added a pic to the home page, added a photo album and re-organized the categories. I've added a new category called Old Stories. The idea is that we can put in old stories under this. I'm thinking of Tom's near death experience in the Canal de Midi, Paul's parachuting attempts at Jacobs, Trev's cliff-hanging experience with a hang-glider and others. I'll start it with Dad's Hover Speed story. Read it here.  Download hoverspeed_story_by_mea_keeling.pdf.

Hey, Simon you could likewise upload your Arctic story ...  xxx George

People, places, companies in the pdf
B.G. Nielsen (BG), Barclay twins, Boulogne, British Rail, British Rail Hovercraft Limited (BRHL), Brostroms, Calais, Channel, Charles Ponsonby, Daily Telegraph., Dan Brostrom, David Sumner, Dover, Folkestone, Gerry Draper, Gerry Esam, Gothenberg, Guy Billington, Harold Wilson, hovercraft, Hoverlloyd, Hoverspeed, Isle of Wight, Jenny Keeling, Jim Sherwood, John Cumberland, John Cumberland, John Lefeaux, John Nelson, Ken Siddle, Kleinworts., Martin Mayes-Smith, McKennas, Michael Allen, Michael Bosworth (Bos), Mike Keeling, Nat-West Bank, Paulsen, Peter Stone, Peter Walker, Peter Yerbury, Ramsgate, Robin Wilkins, Sea Containers, Sir Christopher Cockerel, SNCF, Southsea, The British Hovercraft Corporation Limited (BHCL), Tim Redburn,

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