Flat Hunting in Berlin

You may have heard that I've changed my plans for 2007. I'm going to Can Carbo in Spain first to help my friend Michael building that B&B. (See 'Can Carbo Figueres'.) Then, probably in April, I'll make my move to Berlin.

I'm in Berlin this weekend with Alexander and we've looked at 6 flats all ready. There's a lot to choose from at good prices: 2 bedrooms, 100 square meters 900€ per month. We saw one in a very fun street called Motstrasse. It was on the top 5th floor. Huge and it went round an atrium which would be great for sun bathing, barbecues and parties. It also had a log burner. All very fab but they forgot to put in a lift. I just pictured myself carrying beer and logs up five flights. Ruled out. x George

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