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Well done Ruth and David for their good career/business news. By the way I thought Rob's idea of a family tree site is a good one for sharing our knowledge of our family. Good luck George in the Spanish adventure.

Last week I was taken to see Spamalot in London. It was a highly entertaining evening and I can highly recommend it for anyone who enjoys a bit or a lot of Monty Python. Tim Curry played King Arthur in their quest for the Holy Grail and was superb. The last time I saw him on stage was about 25 years ago when Barbar took me, David and Fanny to see The Rocky Horror Show in the Kings Road.

The following day I was shown round three houses that are being built in Bolton Place. Each one is about 17,000 square feet and is costing £10m to was another world.

We are looking forward to the great invasion on Sunday for lunch with lots of you. Siobhan seems to be spending lots of time in the kitchen this week.....also she lost her voice last Saturday, so we are desperately trying to find it before the weekend.

Many thanks to George for the tutorial in post writing. I hope this essay comes out ok and I get good marks for it.

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